RAIL WEEK is set to return this year between 3rd-9th October 2022.

It is another chance for the industry to engage in some fantastic cross learning as well as an outreach to encourage future talent to join the industry and positively promote and engage with local communities – showcasing the best rail has to offer!

Having seen some restrictions due to the pandemic over the last couple of years, this year we hope to encourage some face to face networking and learning events while blending in online events to encourage maximum participation.

For those not already in the know, Rail Week is our annual pan-industry, collaborative effort aimed at bridging the sector’s skills gap and inspiring the next generation of rail professionals. It gives children, young people, parents, teachers and careers advisors the opportunity to see the brilliant range of opportunities in the rail industry.

This year contributors & collaborators will try to bring the railway to kitchens and living rooms across the UK and in person event to encourage face to face interaction and participation – with a combination of virtual depot tours, webinars, live events, panel discussions, downloadable activities, engineering insights, Q&As, games, educational videos …

We’re busy collating the programme and need your help.

If you or your organisation already have plans, or want to get involved, contact our Rail Week lead James Shanley(LinkedIn), or by emailing railweek-enquiries@youngrailpro.com.