About Rail Week


In Summer 2016, a pioneering pan-industry initiative brought the rail industry in all its guises closer to schools, teachers, career advisers and students. Rail Week celebrates the diverse and rewarding career opportunities available across the rail sector.

The dedicated week of activity aims to address the skills shortage in rail-related roles and inspire a generation of young people through a series of events, visits and talks. The events for people at schools, colleges and universities aim to encourage them to consider careers in this great industry. Rail Week will also include a widespread schools outreach programme, facilitating ambassadors to get into the classroom and deliver inspirational activities designed for Rail Week.

The Rail Week initiative has been the brainchild of the professional networking association Young Rail Professionals (YRP), supported by many organisations across the rail industry pledging to host events and reach out to schools, colleges and parents in their area. See our Collaborators page.

“YRP and our members know first-hand that the rail sector is a great place to work, with exciting projects to get involved in, good career prospects, and a wide range of different roles to undertake”, explains YRP 2016 Chairwoman Sabrina Ihaddaden. “Unfortunately, many children, parents and teachers don’t realise the variety of jobs and opportunities available. We hope to change this with Rail Week.”

 “By getting the whole sector involved in Rail Week, we can collectively bridge the skills gap and celebrate the great careers in rail. It is important that companies across the sector and country get involved so we can truly represent the industry.”

The initiative in 2016 saw over 70 companies and organisations coming together and delivering over 150 events across the country. Rail Week 2017 achieved a breakthrough, reaching 3000 young people and their parents and teachers.

Rail Week is being led by Young Rail Professionals Limited, a company registered in England in Wales number 08963662. Young Rail Professionals is a not-for-profit membership association created by and led by young people working in a variety of rail-related roles. Run by volunteers, YRP seeks to support other young people in the early stages of their careers, and promote the industry to young people in education.


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