UK Rail Industry

Britain Runs on Rail

Rail is fundamental to the country’s prosperity. After enormous growth, Britain’s railway is increasingly important in connecting workers to jobs, businesses to markets, and people to their families and friends.

The combination of public and private investment going into the railway is set to boost the UK’s economy by almost £85bn, benefiting every region of Britain. 

Here you’ll find more information, videos and the ‘In Partnership for Britain’s Prosperity’ plan to secure a stronger economy, better customer journeys and more rewarding jobs on the railway.

Network Rail – Railway Upgrade Plan

This multi-billion pound Railway Upgrade Plan represents the biggest investment programme in the railways since Victorian times!

Britain’s railway network is the most congested anywhere in Europe

In the last 20 years the number of people travelling on the UK rail network has doubled, and the rail network, stations and platforms are dealing with more passengers than they were ever designed for.

But our investment plan is now entering its final phases and better, more frequent, faster journeys for hundreds of thousands of people are now months away for some, as the benefits start to come to fruition.

Millions of passenger journeys will be transformed in the months ahead and through to 2021 as more and more new services come on-stream.