Request a Rail Week Ambassador


Rail Week Ambassadors are volunteers from the rail industry who are keen to help give young people a better appreciation of what a career in the rail sector looks like.


Rail Week Ambassadors are available to assist teachers with any rail-related event that your school might want to run. They could give an assembly talk, assist in a lesson, deliver a hands-on activity of some kind, or perhaps take part in a rail-related careers event.

Volunteers are provided with resource packs designed to support the following activities. Why not invite them in to deliver one in your lesson?

Click here for a look at some of the classroom activity packs we’ve prepared so far.

Request a Rail Week Ambassador

If you are a teacher and would like a Rail Week Ambassador to visit your school as part of Rail Week, please fill in the form below, giving as much detail of your requirements as possible and Young Rail Professionals will find a suitable volunteer to assist with your event.

Please note that Rail Week Ambassadors are volunteers and should be supported by a teacher at all times while visiting your school. We cannot guarantee availability at your event – but we will do our best!

STEM Ambassadors Request Form

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Please outline the nature of your request, giving as much detail as possible. What event would the Rail Week STEM Ambassador take part in and what would be expected of them? What time commitment would be involved? etc.

By clicking on Request Ambassadors below you are consenting to sharing your details entered here with Young Rail Professionals and STEMNET for the purpose of delivering Rail Week activities. Your details will not be shared with any other third party.