Activity Packs

These interactive packs will help to give you an introduction to the rail sector and an overview of the types of roles people do.

Network Rail Safety Education Resources

Suitable for Primary and Secondary

Network Rail have worked closely with teachers and students to develop resources that will help you to run fun, interactive activities that match different curriculum areas and deliver Ofsted requirements of PSHE teaching.

Source/credit: Network Rail Safety Education

Carrying More by Freight

Suitable for KS3

Carrying more freight by rail could help reduce road congestion and lower the carbon emissions caused by road freight transport, but rail freight services must be integrated into existing passenger timetables. In this challenge students complete a passenger timetable for a short section of railway network before calculating the travel time for a freight service to travel through each station on the network. Students then analyse possible starting times for freight services to identify which freight journeys might be possible.

Carrying More by Freight – Ambassador Guide 2022

Carrying More by Freight – Activity Brief Sheets 2022

Source/credit: Anna Fraszczyk, Newrail

New Tram in Derby

This activity is designed with the idea to promote critical thinking, basics of design, engineering and innovation. Derby City Council has plans to improve and develop its city public transport system in line with Midlands Engine for Growth strategy. Derby City Council has requested a scoping study of a new inner city guided tramway which would have the aim of alleviating overcrowding on the city’s road systems. They would like the system to run on existing road ways and to popular city locations, a selection of which are shown on the city tourist map.  Derby City Council contracted a team of designers, engineers, transport planners and land surveyors, led by a project manager to deliver this project.

New Tram for Derby – Ambassador Guide 2022

New Tram for Derby – Activity Brief Sheets 2022

Source/credit: May-Ann Lew, SNC-Lavalin Rail & Transit

Railway Bridge

TfLs Railway Bridge is a hands on and fun activity to do, providing an introduction and some insight into areas of the railway industry. It is designed with the idea to promote critical thinking, basics of design, engineering and innovation. The task is to design and build a small scale     bridge that is capable of supporting the weight of a “train carriage” of varying load.

Railway Bridge – Activity Brief Sheets 2022

Railway Bridge – Ambassador Guidance 2022

Source/credit: TfL 

Build a Railway

The activity sets out a task for students to design and build their own railway across the classroom/space provided capable of transporting “passengers” or “good” from point to point. This activity can be adapted to provide different levels of insight into railways from the components that make up the railway such as rails, sleepers, and gauge to design, project planning and most importantly, team work.

Build a Railway – Ambassador Guide 2022

Source/credit: Paul Taylor, Hitachi Rail Europe

Global Transport: Engineering a vacuum tube train

A costly, and sometimes very long, aeroplane journey is currently your only option if you intend to travel a long distance. However, what about in the future? One method that has been proposed is the vacuum tube train. This may be able to reach speeds of 4,000 mph, but is it a realistic option?In this activity students design a model vacuum tube train. They have to decide on how to get a ball to travel through a tube as quickly as possible without the help of gravity. They then look at the forces that would act on a real vacuum tube train.

Engineering a vacuum tube train ambassador guide

Handout-Designing a Vacuum Tube Train

Train forces presentation

Source/credit: IET

HS2 Route Options Project (Zoom Rail)

Age groups: KS4-KS5

Suggested curriculum links: geography, government and politics; engineering; environmental studies; maths; English.

Take on a role in the Zoom Rail project team! Students evaluate four possible routes for a new railway. With no perfect answer, they must weigh up pros and cons, balancing community, economic and environmental factors, and make a case for their choice.

Teaching Resources HS2

Student Resources HS2

Source/credit: HS2

HS2 Balloon Train (Zoom Rail)

Age groups: KS2-KS4

Using a template, students cut out a train and its wheels and then create its powertrain – using a balloon! This simple, engaging, hands-on activity encourages creativity and teamwork as students compete to build the fastest train.

Further materials required: balloons, straws, 3mm dowelling (wooden barbecue skewers work well), sticky tape, elastic bands or loom bands.

HS2 Flat Template Train

Source/credit: HS2

Peter’s Railway Books and School Resource

Author and chartered engineer Christopher Vine loves railways and anything mechanical or electrical. He’s created a series of children’s books and classroom resources to introduce and inspire young people to the world of engineering and rail. Explore Peter’s Railway for hours of fun and learning!

Mini Professors’ Rail Lesson Plan

A specially written lesson brought to you by Mini Professors and Network Rail, bring your mini engineer along to find all about the railway, bridges and tunnels! At Mini Professors we are passionate about science and we aim to inspire a generation. Our theme tune’s opening line is ‘Science is all around us’ and this reflects the ethos of our lessons. Visit us at