Young Rail Professionals

Most members of Young Rail Professionals tell us they ended up working in rail purely by chance. We never imagined ourselves working on transformative projects to move millions of people, shift tonnes of freight and sustain communities and the wider economy.

Rail is an incredible industry in which to forge a career with a great community to help young people to develop professionally. No matter what your background, there’s a career for almost anyone in rail.

Through Rail Week we want to help other young people to realise they could find a career in rail too – and that’s where we need your help…

Young people are best placed to show their peers the potential of starting a career in rail, and to challenge some preconceptions and stereotypes too.

Help us to achieve our goal by encouraging your company to get involved by pledging their support. You could also help directly by planning Rail Week events and activities where you work, or by volunteering to be an Ambassador too.

Rail Week is an opportunity for the industry to showcase rail at its best and be to proud of what we do. Check out the links below for more information on how to get involved.

Careers-BoxFind out more about starting a career in rail.
Ambassadors-boxBecome a young rail ambassador.

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