People in Rail: Engineering and IT

Gareth Dennis

Permanent Way Engineer at Arcadis

MEng Civil Engineering with Construction Management

What does my job involve?

We are at the interface of civil and mechanical engineering; our designs enable faster, bigger trains to run on existing tracks or, failing that, we design new railway lines for higher speeds and capacity.

What do I like most about my job?

Getting to see the difference my projects have made to society at large… Whether it is taking more freight off the road or connecting communities long forgotten, the railway enables that opportunity.

MD Sadat Rashid

Control System Engineer at Siemens

Aerospace Engineering

What does my job involve?

Signal design and testing to be placed for Network Rail

What do I like most about my job?

Testing and gaining insight in to new problems and solving them

Christopher Redshaw

Apprentice Rail Operative at Bombardier Transportation

What does my job involve?

My job involves maintenance of the Crossrail Class 345 fleet. I will be based at the new Old Oak Common Depot once built. I am currently studying towards an NVQ in Traction & Rolling Stock.

What do I like most about my job?

Although I have just started, everyday is different learning new things about the railway and Depot environment and meeting new people in the railway. I’m really enjoying my new career as a apprentice rail operative.

Benoît Surroca

Test & Commissioning Manager at Transport for London

MSc in Guided Transport engineering

What does my job involve?

The Deep Tube Upgrade Programme will renew major assets (such as Trains and signalling) for 4 underground lines. I make strategies and plans to test and implement those assets onto our railway.

What do I like most about my job?

Being involved with most stakeholders and having to understand the rationale behind the wide variety of requirements. T&C is extremely interesting, I’m always learning and trying new things out.

Megan Ablott

Signalling and Telecoms Apprentice at Carillion Rail


What does my job involve?

Designing, installing, testing and project planning for signalling and telecommunication works.

What do I like most about my job?

I love that everyday is different and I learn from different colleagues. The job is adaptable, after my apprenticeship I will be able to choose if I want a track or office based role.

Chris Jones

Graduate Railway Electrical Engineer

MEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering

What does my job involve?

Placements on a rotational basis, including core placements: Signalling, Rolling Stock, Stations and Power. Tailoring my future placements towards signalling and point system design.

What do I like most about my job?

The chance to get involved with everything from daily operations of the railway (Fleet Engineering for the Metropolitan Line), to design for major projects like: Northern Line Extension, 4LM Signalling and Victoria Station Upgrade.

Keith Upton

Signalling Engineer at Atkins

MEng in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

What does my job involve?

I currently work in early design development of signalling projects; undertaking design development or managing the development of the early design. This could be on a variety of different projects all across the UK.

What do I like most about my job?

The variety of work and opportunities and the chance to get out of the office and onto the railway itself.

May-Ann Lew

Consultant at SNC-Lavalin Rail & Transit

Masters in Mechanical Engineering

What does my job involve?

I work on major railway re-signalling projects, such as re-signalling on the London Underground.

What do I like most about my job?

Working in large teams with different people such as Operators, Engineers, Designers, Project Managers and Commercial Managers is always very dynamic and exciting.